Change Your Legal Name in New Jersey

Changing your legal name in New Jersey requires approval of the Superior Court. The Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. recognizes that people may want to change their name for a variety of reasons. In general, a court will want to ensure that an individual is not attempting to change their name to avoid prosecution or to defraud creditors. They do this by asking you about any criminal history and outstanding lawsuits and judgments. Beyond this,  courts are typically not to concerned with the specific  reason why someone wants to change his or her name in New Jersey.

The procedure for changing a name in New Jersey begins with the filing of a complaint with the New Jersey Superior Court in the county where the applicant resides. There is a filing fee associated with the complaint of approximately $250. This fee is paid directly to the State. The complaint includes information such as all names the applicant has previously been known by as well as information concerning any criminal history the applicant may have. Once the complaint is filed the court requires that the applicant publish their request in the local newspaper. The purpose of this publication is to allow any interested individuals who may oppose your name change to notify the court of their opposition. After publication the court will hold a hearing and determine whether or not to grant the name change request.

nj name changePeople may choose to change their name in New Jersey for any number of reasons including:

They simply don’t like their current name

They want to revert to a maiden name

They want to take a spouse’s name

They want to combine their surname with their spouse and create a new name

They want their name to be a reflection of their beliefs

Regardless of the reason why you want to change your name, the Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. can help. We provide name change representation throughout all 21 counties in New Jersey. Contact us at 609-964-0900 today for a free consultation.