New Jersey law gives individuals whose NJ gun permit applications have been denied the right to appeal the decision. A gun permit appeal in NJ is heard in the Superior Court in the county in which the application was filed.

To initiate an appeal you must send a letter requesting an appeal within 30 days of receiving notice of the denial. This letter typically goes to the Superior Court as well as the police chief.

A court date will then be set. You should generally receive discovery from either the police department, the prosecutor, or the township attorney. The discovery packet should include everything in your application file including background checks, mental health record search results, reference responses, and officer narrative notes.

At the court date the judge will determine how the hearing will take place. Sometimes the judge will require the police chief or other officer to testify and sometimes the judge will just want to hear legal argument. There are NJ appellate division cases that mandate what must happen in these hearings.

Gun permit appeals can be quite complicated. Often times these cases turn on interpretation of a statute, interpretation of an out-of-state conviction, or the particulars of what is in the record. The Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. represents clients in Gun Permit Appeals across the State of New Jersey. Call us today at 609-964-0900 for a free consultation.