The term “mediator” is not particularly regulated in New Jersey. In fact, you will see many people from many different backgrounds offering divorce mediation services. From therapists to accountants to religious figures you will find many individuals touting their ability to resolve disputes for individuals needing family law or divorce mediation.

Choosing a qualified New Jersey matrimonial attorney for your mediation needs provides several key advantages over mediators from different backgrounds. The most important of Mediator Matthew B. Lunthese differences is that a qualified New Jersey matrimonial and family law attorney has a thorough understanding of Family Law.  It is very common for one or both parties in mediation to base their position on what they think a judge would do. Having a qualified matrimional and family law attorney’s insight into these issues can correct any misunderstandings about the law and bring the parties closer to resolution. For these reasons, doesn’t it just make sense to have a mediator that understands the way New Jersey courts tend to rule on family law matters?

Matthew Lun has the mediation skills and mediation experience necessary to guide parties through their disputes, gives insight into the state of New Jersey divorce and family law, and ultimately resolve their issues without the expense, uncertainty, or emotion of litigation.

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