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As unfortunate as it may be, issues of domestic violence are not uncommon in family law and matrimonial disputes. In fact, available statistics suggest that nearly 80,000 reports of domestic violence were made in New Jersey last year alone.


One common question we receive at the Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. is whether we represent Plaintiff’s or Defendant’s in Restraining Order and Domestic Violence cases. In fact, we represent clients on both sides of domestic violence disputes. We believe that in order to truly understand how to effectively handle these types of cases you need to have a comprehensive understanding of what the other side is thinking and how they will present their case. The best way to do that is to have experience on both sides of the aisle. Therefore, if you are the victim or the accused, the Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. is here to help.

A report of domestic violence and police response may result in several different consequences. For example, a person accused of domestic violence may be arrested and charged criminally. A victim may also be granted a temporary restraining order nearly instantaneously, without the accused having an opportunity to defend himself or herself.

If a temporary restraining order is granted to the victim the Superior Court will later hold a hearing known as a Final Restraining Order hearing. It is that hearing where the Defendant is given an opportunity to present their side of the dispute. At that hearing the Court will determine whether or not an act of domestic violence occurred. If the answer to that question is ‘yes,’ the court will determine whether or not a final restraining order is necessary to ensure the protection of the Plaintiff.

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