Have you and your spouse decided how you want to settle your divorce but don’t know where to go next?

Perhaps you’ve agreed to certain terms but want to make sure you are making the right decision?

divorceWhatever your situation, the Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. can help. We understand that not every divorce case needs to be a battle. If you’ve worked out at least some of the details of your case we can tailor representation to fit your specific situation, often for much less than typical divorce litigation costs.   We can assist you in drafting property settlement agreements, pleadings, judgments of divorce, and other documents necessary to see your divorce case through to its resolution. We can even appear in court on your behalf to see that the divorce is properly completed.

You may see other services offering to complete divorce paperwork for $199 or sometimes even less. It is important to understand exactly what those services include. First, they cannot give you legal advice because they are not attorneys. We are a law firm and giving legal advice is what we do!

Second, they can’t appear in court. Because they aren’t attorneys it is illegal for them to represent a party in court. Instead, these divorce services are typically just preparing paperwork. Many times their settlement agreements are convoluted and hard to apply to one particular situation. Their forms are designed to cover all types of scenarios and, as a result, they do a horrible job of meeting the needs of your specific situation.

It is important to remember that the property settlement agreement used in your divorce will govern any and all issues that may arise after the divorce is completed. From alimony disputes, child support modifications, emancipation, college expenses, medical procedures, the first place the court’s will look to settle a dispute is the property settlement agreement. If your agreement is silent or ambiguous on an issue, the intent you had will probably be irrelevant. The relatively low cost of having your property settlement agreement prepared by an attorney is well worth it to avoid these issues.

If you have reached an agreement with your spouse or are close to doing so, contact the Law Office of Matthew B. Lun, Esq. at 609-964-0900 for information on how we can help.

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